Cable cam

AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro . Welcome to Cable – Cam Sweden AB. Status, adress mm för Cable – Cam Sweden AB. The autonomous cablecam that enables video professionals unmatched camera movement and control.

Best DIY Cable Cam for GoPro, DSLR, or larger cameras (Foldable) and easy to transport.

Do you like to learn more about Speed Line cable cam ? A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test drive the Varavon Wirecam. Solo currently has four Smart Shots: Cable cam , Orbit, Selfie and Follow. A behind-the-scenes look at how we work with Cable Cam.

Visa fler bolag på denna . Karma Auto Shot Paths – Cable Cam. By GoPro Original Productions.

Keep your GoPro up to date . A revolutionary technology, this bidirectional unit is fully pre-programmable with the Cinegears Cable Cam controller, and features obtrusion sensors to prevent . REEL FACTORY is the only owner operator of the 48V Dactyl Cam Pro cable cam system in New Zealand. Directors look for shots that draw in the audience and . Point to Point Cable Cam. The motor, which drives the cable cam , combines high . Kontaktuppgifter till Cable – Cam Sweden AB Mariannelun telefonnummer, adress, se information om företaget.

Compatible to Freefly Mövi,. I believe its called Cable Cam. Build your own DIY cable cam for 2-Axis time-lapse! This simple instructional video will guide you through the steps to build your own. Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.

SubMotion is proud to present our 3-axis gyro stabilized cable – cam service. Our wirecam is used for TV, film and live broadcasted events. This point to point system consists in anchoring the rope between two poles . I have seen many cable cams that are .

The Acrobat is an all angles cable trolley for your camera.