Vattentålig datalogger med USB-anslutning till dator. Mäter och samlar in data kring luftfuktighet och temperatur. Mätområde luftfuktighet: till RH.

Med våra smarta dataloggers kan du enkelt mäta eller logga temperatur, fuktighet , tryck, spänning mm över tid. Besök vår hemsida för att få reda på mer!

Elma DT-1är en liten smidig datalogger med inbyggd givare för både temperatur och luftfuktighet. Dataloggern har många användningsområden såsom . Välj din datalogger efter behov. Stort urval för både nät- och batteridrift.

Used to read temperature, relative humidity and time. MSR Electronics GmbH develops and markets stand-alone data loggers . Easy to use, high accuracy data loggers from Grant Instruments offering high reliability of data and system longevity.

TagTemp Stick is an electronic temperature data logger , compact and robust, that dispenses use of cables for configuration and data collecting. SymphoniePRO is an advanced data logging system that is purpose-built for the renewable energy professional. Download our latest data logger software here today. This device makes data logging easier then ever before.

Compact, dependable and inexpensive. Humidity and temperature data logger. Data Logger with Measurement of Conductivity. Built to automotive standards, DataLogger enables your big ideas for connected cars. We combined the best features of all.

Experience the Extech Advantage. Manage your solar plant with the new generation of data loggers – perfectly tailored feed-in and remote control. Via various interfaces, data are transmitted . Central data collection for solar. Temperature ( mainly temperature, core temperature, surface temperature, etc.), humidity . Data logger for central recording of all commercial PV system data.

For monitoring of perishable or temperature sensitive products in transit as part of the cold chain.

It is easily expanded or modified and come well supported with online . DataLogger is an easy-to-configure application that logs data from an OPC server to any ODBC-compliant database.