Din 43772

Svetsstos för konisk skyddsficka. Helsvarvad insvetsningsficka enligt. Thermowell with flange, model TW40-9. Insertion length U, To specify.

Inside diameter, To suit . Utbytbar, fjädrande mätinsats.

Exempel på användningsområde. Applications and features. Models TW50-H, TW50-I, TW50-J. Heavy duty weld-in barstock thermowell.

High-precision measuring instruments for temperature and density. Einstecken oder Einschweißen. Measuring inset, thermowell, extension tube, connection. Materiale del pozzetto: Acciaio inox 1.

Screwing-in thermowell acc. Attacco dello strumento: Diametro del foro: Ø. Other dimensions available on request. Schutzrohr zum Einschrauben. In standard execution with inset dia“d”= 6mm, the thermowell is drilled.

Temperaturmessgerätes vom Messstoff. Please consult our separate chapter . Construction, Closed-end tube, 9mm (std) Optional 11mm, 12mm, or 14mm. Inset tube of stainless steel 1. Asennusosat, tarvikkeet, hitsattavat yhteet. Characteristics : – Industry : Chemical industry. A total of 1international experts from . Vaina para soldar, modelo TW55-6.

Ex-Ausführung und in vielen anderen Sonderausführungen. Welded temperature sensor.