Distance meter

No matter your job, the laser distance meter will help you measure farther, with greater accuracy and in more situations, saving you time and money. Accurate readings even on small area. You can also measure the size of an area on the map.

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Shop for the distance measure, including the laser distance meter , laser measuring tool, electronic distance meter and more at competitive price online shopping . Area measurement, Volume measurement, Operating temperature: 0° – 40°, Laser class: II . Distance Meters are portable test equipment instruments that indicate distances. Laser distance meter or laser distance measurer are simple, intuitive and easy to use. Like all Spectra Precision laser tools, they are designed to withstand tough . Simply push the measurement . Calculates area and volume. Laser to target the point from where you want to measure .

Backlit screens offer maximum visibility in . Learn more about our inspection range. Kontrollera den föreslagna . SMART DIGITAL TAPE,TOUCH NEW ERA. Locations across USA, Canada . The meter measures the time between those two events . The two-color EDM in operation at Parkfiel California. Conversion chart for meter (Metric, distance and length). Instant units and measurements conversion, metric conversion, other systems.

Shenzhen MileSeey Technology Co. The integrated Pythagorean theorem . The Leica DISTO Dis the smallest laser distance measure available. Fast reliable indoor distance measurement.

This module is often used on robots and toy cars to locate obstacles but it.