Ecc83 tube

Find reviews, data sheets and specs to help upgrade your tube. Cachad Electro Harmonix 12AXEH Tube. Unique spiral filament eliminates the filament-to-cathode induced hum common on . Suitable for audio or guitar. These look different than typical 12AX7s and the reason is .

You will pay dearly for them, but if you want the best, this is the tube ! Great Dynamics – Low Noise – Warm Tone! In case you are unaware, Ruby does not actually make tubes. They package tubes from other manufacturers. We are all things tubes , Guitar amps, Bass amps and Hifi amps.

During their history Mullard produced several variants of their ECCtube including long and short plate types. The ECCtubes dissected here are of the long .

All 12AXtubes have an amplification factor (μ) of 1(high-mu). It allows for more clean headroom . The quality of Philips ECChas always been very good. However with ECCpart numbers, the efforts to impress you with nice part numbers are very many. Yet some extremely beautiful tubes van . Brimar tubes are excellent in the phono . The ECFtube controls the vibrato circuit and the normal channel. Så här skriver tillverkaren: Detta rör ger hög förstärkning, fast djup bas, kraftfullt mellanregister och silkesmjuk diskant med genomgående god definition och . Unlike many tube suppliers, we are not.

These are near exact copies of exotic and rare Telefunken ECC803s. ANOS (lightly used) GE 12AXLong Plate. This Exciting NEW GENERATION tube is manufactured using traditional British Trustworthy standards.

This amazing tube produces very high . Hand selected ultra premium tubes are the best on the market. These tubes will make your Wurlitzer Model 1amplifier roar! Power amplifier tube 6CAis also known as EL34.

JJ Electronics ECCvalve for guitar amplifiers.