Ecc88 6922

Find reviews, data sheets and specs to help upgrade your tube amplifier and preamp. Particularly the last two. Rören är selekterade av TAD för lägsta brus och bästa balans mellan triodhalvorna.

Selected for perfect balanced audio output and lowest noise. Taken from working equipment.

They normally have steel pins. E88CC is a premium grade version of the 6DJ8. I am looking to do some rolling here. Shop with confidence on eBay!

European equivalent E88CC are . Check out the INFO -Section Power tubes will get shipped matched unless otherwise. E88CC are drop-in compatible high reliability version of 6DJ8.

Russian quality double triode 6N1P. Museum quality Mullard EccVacuum tube in original . Most all the Philips factory . It offers noise cancelling spiral filaments and full shielding between the triodes that . Matched Pair Telefunken E88CC NOS NIB Emission . It is often used for Hi-Fi applications. NOS made by renowned AEG Germany. Har genom åren provat ett antal nytillverkade och NOS varianter, sammanställer här lite intryck och . Neatly display your vacuum tubes in this quad stand.

This stand prevents these top heavy and fragile tubes from falling over and allows you to . With their extensive expertise, great care in. Sauf sur certaines séries de Tungsram. Detta är en dubbeltriod som egentligen var tänkt som ett . Visit the Wireless Speaker Centre at Amazon.

Browse our Buying Guide and Review Hub, to learn more, or shop . ECCsamma som 6DJ(på amerikanska).

Smooth mids and highs with great detail.