Ef86 tube

It was introduced in the late . Purchase EFvacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to help upgrade your tube audio amplifier and preamp. The EFis of course the tube used in the u67.

The thin glass tube envelope is mm in diameter and excluding the B9A base pins, is mm . Can anyone explain what the differences are in an amp that uses EFtubes in the pre-amp as opposed to using 12AXpre-amp tubes?

The German RFT EFis supposed to be pretty . Fighting the noise in the EFvacuum tube. The music is by Kevin Macleod via incompetech. NOS labeled and boxed as Telefunken. Great sounding tube for Matchless, Bad Cat, Dr Z, Vox or any guitar amp application.

These have very good microphonic. Adding an EFto any tube amplifier. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Quality Russian 6J32P tube Pentode.

We have been asking JJ for this tube for years now . Tube in stock at good price. Apparently there are two possible tube choices avaiable with. One reason why Neumann original used the Valvo EFinstead of the . All the other tubes are original.

I ended up selling them and really missed them. All Telefunken EFtypes have the . Find great deals on eBay for tube ef86. Produced by Svetlana factory, USSR (Russia).

Close manufacturing specification tolerances and . I was reading the article yesterday. A very very great item, perfect working and designed tube !