H07v k

Flexibel kopplingsledning. H07V – K (RK)PVC-isolerad enledare. Download the datasheet or contact us for your . Ledare, Extra mångtrådig koppar enl. S07V-K 3mmoch 4mm² är märkt NEXANS GS AREA mm².

Mechanical resistance to impacts.

Operating temperature, range. View full specs available online to learn. Allmänt Används som kopplings- och installationsledning. Observera, denna text är maskinöversatt. One product with all the required standards for the North American and European market.

Single core PVC insulated non sheathed . PVC-om izolirani vodič – finožični. It can be used to wire electronic and electrical equipment .

INDUSTRIAL LOW VOLTAGE CABLES. Other dimensions and colours available on request. Browse our latest Mains Power Cable offers. Cable designed for internal wiring in switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear.

Skriv produktens första recension. These insulated cables are designated for laying in tubes under the. Standard: Für die geschützte feste Verlegung in Geräten und Schaltschränken sowie in und an. Number of strands……………… 32. Finožični instalacijski vod sa izolacijom od PVC smjese.

Unsheathed single core cable. Kabeliai skirti fiksuotai instaliacijai įrengti, kabelius klojant ant paviršių sumontuotose ar pritvirtintuose izoliaciniuose vamzdžiuose ar panašiose sandariose . Conductor insulation, PVC, various different colours. Application: For fixed installation in installation tubes on or under plaster. Koppar (Klass = mångtrådig).

Temperaturområde (statisk applikation).