Hdmi switch with optical out

I got an Martin Logan Vision Soundbar for Xmas. But it does not have HDMI input. I found out that my panasonic will not get Dolby Digital 5. Built in EDID Management is . I have concerns though that the optical output will be limited to stereo only as.

Output : HDMI and SPDIF Toslink or 3. Connects to your existing AV receiver via Toslink , digital coaxial or 3. My receiver is not HDCP 2. HDMI switch with additional audio outputs. This product separates the audio signal from the HDMI interface, then transmits it to the amplifier by Stereo Toslink or COAX (RCA). A TOSLINK digital audio output is provided for sending ARC or de-embedded HDMI audio to an AV receiver or soundbar.

If you have your HDMI audio output encoded in TrueH your Optical output on that switch will not work. However, if you have HDMI audio .

Get Hdmi Switch Optical Out at the best prices online at LightInTheBox. Shop Hdmi Switch Optical Out now and get . That way, I could get an HDMI cord for my PC, and plug it, the PS and . Supports 3D 4K ARC Audio 5. It is loaded with four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output , a stereo . The VS4supports four HDMI video input sources and two HDMI output displays. Switch has been tested with HDPVR 2P, HDPVR Pace and UEC, DSTV Explora to output dolby digital 5. HDMI ports on all devices supporting dolby . The signal can support extra audio out by optical cable. Without adding an additional HDMI Cable this switch will reverse the audio to the AV amplifier through . Digital Optical Audio Switcher Toslink Selector Switch. Our Video and AV Switches range includes VGA Switches , HDMI.

ARC 18Gbps HDR Optical Out HDMI2. Buy Tech Gear 3xhdmi switch with audio Amplifier and optical output hdmi switcher at discounted prices with easy payment options.