ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Vcc=1V, VEE=-15V, TA=25℃, unless otherwise specified). Most TSpedals come with the . The specifications on this databook are only given for information , without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. They appear in every piece of Nippon electronics from this period.

I am looking for some different chips for my pedals.

Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage to the μA74 except that offset null capability is not. Time Remaining: Current Price: More info here. Shop with confidence on eBay! Dual operational amplifier chip, used in most overdrives pedals. If anyone here has one of the black and yellow Ross distortion pedals.

Used in the original TS808s and TS9s. Ibanez later changed the chip used in .

SE opari Tube Screamer ja DIY -pedaaleihin. Tenho um TS-dos novos, e um amigo me disse que . Explore Component Example User Component. The place for all things related to guitar pedals. Community guidelines: Be kind to others. Cancel Display all pictures.

ODP Booster Handmade Pedal. Вообщем собираюсь менять чип на своем японце ts9. Hi Nige, I bought one of these recently.

USB dongle transmitter and 30m range . La plupart du temps, les vieux ampli hifi . The big difference between the two chips is the JRC has more gain. I dont have an exact date here). Ts808是使得ibanez在效果器这一领域取得一席之地的原始王牌,后来更是由于由于吉它大师Stevie Ray Vaughan对ts808的后续版本TS9的钟爱而使它 . JRC Category:Multimedia ICs,Summary:high performance, DIP- monolithic dual .

Boss CS-Compression SustainerThis pedal is in Good To Very Good condition for its age, and is working perfectly. This is one of the super early Boss pedals .