Limeplus dip

Ett tvättkoncentrat med kalciumsulfid mot svamp. Lämpar sig för alla raser, men särskilt för hästar med mycket hovskägg. An effective generalized topical treatment for dermatophytosis ( fungal infections), and especially surface demodicosis (Demodex gatoi) in cats. For treatment of non-specific, dermatoses where the active ingredient is effective.

A sulfur concentrate for the treatment of non-specific dermatological conditions.

Used as adjunctive treatment for demodex and sarcoptic mange. Order Dechra Limeplus Dip and save with every . Antifungal – Antiparasitic. LimePlus Dip : Sulfurated Lime Concentrate for Pets LimePlus.

DermaPet LimePlus Equine Dip contains 97. Once you know, you Newegg! I work at the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, Michigan and recently we. Gratis Versand durch Amazon schon ab 29€.

Extremely effective in the treatment of dermatophytosis. For use on dogs, cats and horses. Formulated for dogs, cat and horses. For Technical Support or information, contact:.

For non-specific dermatoses where sulfurated lime is effective. Can be used on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and . It is useful in the treatment of mites and sweet itch especially in thick coated animals . Shop with confidence on eBay! Schwefelhaltiges Waschkonzentrat zur Therapie-begleitenden Pflege von Haut und Haar. Buy Lime Plus Dip for Dogs from Vet Dispense Trusted UK Pet Dispensary selling Cheaper Pet Medication with Fast Delivery. For more chronic or resistant cases, may be used at 8oz per gal.

Unterstützend bei Microsporum Canis und Herbstgrasmilben Infektionen. Treatment of non-specific dermatoses . Dips may be recommended for treatment of skin conditions in dogs and cats. Use of dips has become less common, but they should not be . Für Hunde, Katzen und Pferde.