Nibe temperature sensor

If you have questions about our products you should contact the NIBE subsidiary or partner in your country. Find NIBE subsidiaries and partners. Heating medium pump with cable, P3. Shunt valve with motor, SV3.

Relay card with wiring, E34.

Temperature sensor , GT1 GT13. Theheatpumpcontrolsthereversingvalve(QN19),pool. For VVM 2the CPU card version must be 1. The CE marking means that NIBE ensures that the product.

Browse these categories as well: . Outdoor temperature sensor Nibe Note. New housing model Figure 2. Nån som vet om det är en standard .

Connector pipe (hea ng system supply). Backer keeps in stock compact micro processor based regulators with digital display, thyristors, semi conductor relays and sensors for temperature measuring. The numbers in brackets refer to section List of compo- nents. Welcome to your home and your NIBE heating system.

The NIBE unit draws the warm air from. Set the temperature : When you move into your home you. It is recommended that the internal room sensor , e. The room sensor can correct the tempera- ture to radiators or floor loops depending on the increased indoor temperature in connection with solar. T9: Additional sensor (can be used e.g. as solar collector temperature sensor ). Indoor temperature (if room sensors are installed). Temporary lux (if activated).

Estimated amount of hot water. Number, Cooling with room sensor. Ambient temperature sensor. A sensor that is located outdoors on or close to the heat pump. This sensor tells the heat pump how hot it is where the sensor is .