Ölflex classic 110

Маслостойкий, устойчивый к . Описание lappkabel olflex classic 1, характеристики. Browse our latest YY Cable offers. С цифровой маркировкой жил, в оболочке из ПВХ пластиката. European PVC or PUR Cable.

The New control cable with numbered cores: smaller, lighter, with VDE-approval.

Control cable with numbered cores and steel wire braiding. Inner PVC jacket and tinned copper braid shield . Lapp Ölflex Classic 1Cables. Olflex Classic 1, 2хКабель силовой 2х5.

If not otherwise specifie all values relating to the product are nominal values. Photographs are not to scale and are not true representations of the products in . Transparent – now buy online with ease from Conrad. Описание, характеристики, цена, наличие на складе, заказ. Линейка объединяет кабели управления (до 1жил) универсального применения, являющиеся .

Space-saving installation due to . LAPP KABEL: stuffnant 5LFLEx classic 1cy woe Reg. PVC control cable that is flexible at cold temperatures, suitable for low temperatures as well as outdoor use. Classic 1YY Cables are flexible cables designed for use under medium mechanical stresses.

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Shop with confidence on eBay! Wide range of standard lengths and individual sections. Huge range of articles, versions with up to 100 . Conductors insulated with . The Power and Control Cable with numbered cores.

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