Powergate 3

Enheten levereras med specifik programvara till din bil. The only palm-sized device equipped with touch screen, and the ability to fully customize the tool to your company. Reading and Writing have never been so fast: you . Powergategives you the . Select quantity and pricing will automatically update after each volume .

This handheld device does not . The personal OBD programmer that has revolutionized the Chip tuning world has reached its third edition. The most advanced tool to reprogram the ECU found in cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Do not connect the PG if the ECU has been programmed by another non OEM vendor. If it has been the ECU will need to be flashed back to the stock tune file by . I have these on sale for an introductory price . Original, Ecotrim, Steg Steg Steg 3.

Ein Personal OBD programmer. Das innovativste Tool auf dem Markt, wenn es um das einfache umprogrammieren von Steuergeräten von Autos , . Tuningdateien – Dein Personal OBD programmer Diese Fahrzeuge werden unterstützt. Join Date: Location: Sweden. Device has been created to assist with clients who appreciate independence.

OBD- Tuning zum selbertunen von PKW – Traktor – LKW Motorrad. Mit dem Alientech Kundenflasher ist es nun möglich das der . I will be unbiased and will speak it how it . Ti permette in totale autonomia di caricare ed utilizzare una delle nostre mappe . Showing the single result. Product Info, Tuning Tech. ECU TuningOBDII FlashVRTuned. Our constant investment in technology means that we always offer our customers the very best product . Støtter svært mange modeller.

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Med denne kan du feks fjerne tuninga før du har bilen på service.