Pressure switch

Description of the basic operating. Compact, economical pressure from 1- 5psi. Up to slave sensors can. Designed specifically with space savings in mi . This pressure switch can withstand temperature up to 250°F .

Applications vary between the different types of differential pressure switches. A wide variety of switches and circuit styles enables control functions needed for . Easily find and compare pressure switches. The ideal pressure switch to control air flows in air conditioning and ventilation systems, but equally effective in . These mechanical pressure switches are available with NO, NC or SPDT contacts.

The tecsis pressure switches provide highest quality, stable switching points . Visit the Kele site to learn about our different brands and pressure switch types.

WIKA electronic pressure switches are designed for ease of operation and installation and feature an IO-Link for fast integration into automation systems. As soon as the pressure is reache a further work step is started or . Viking SupplyNet is pleased to partner with Potter to provide fire protection contractors with the finest line of switches and notification devices . Pressure Activated Waterflow Alarm Switch with Retard. Diaphragm pressure switches for gas DG with micro-switch for monitoring gas pressures in industry. OEM Automatic are specialist in pressure switches , find out more now. Tecmark Corporation designs and manufactures pressure switches including hot tub and spa pressure switches and other industries.

Wich simply means, that there is an electrical switch, which is forced open or closed by air pressure. WPS GENERAL PURPOSE PRESSURE SWITCH. WPS INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE SWITCH.

WPS LOW PRESSURE DIAPHRAGM . PSM-PSP-CE – Adjustable pressure switches with SPDT contacts for manifold assembly. AM – Adjustable pressure switches with port for. Flameproof (ATEX Exd), Intrinsically Safe (IS) and Industrial (weatherproof) pressure switches from Pyropress Engineering – Explosion Protection.

Cameron mechanical pressure switches are built with more than years of experience fulfilling the needs of the demanding oil and gas industry.