Rittal ae

Kapslingsklass upp till IP 66. Lackerad låda med lock av stålplåt, med fläns. Housing with door of sheet steel, spray-finished with mounting plate and flange ( gland) plate in the base.

Protection category up to IP 66. Kompaktapparatskåp AE av rostfritt stål 1. AE compact enclosure in stainless steel 1.

Regntak, rostfritt stål för AE. Product details CAD Spare parts. Det säkra skyddet vid uppställning utomhus med avrinning baktill.

Material: rostfritt stål 1. SKÅP AE 200X300X1PLÅT ENKELDÖRR. Automationtill toppris – timmars leverans! Accessories Page 8AE stainless steel AE IP 69K Page 1AE.

Surface finish: Enclosure and door: Dipcoat-prime. Compact enclosures AE from page 27.

AE enclosures are available in . We supply complete flange plates FP with 1× mm cut-outs for compact enclosures of the AE series. The cut-outs, as well as the drilling template, conform . Kontrollera den föreslagna ersättaren . How fast can you assemble the AE ? The box is weathered but the enclosure is new and unused. Please see the pictures for a . Rittal at Allied Electronics. Låga priser och snabb leverans.

MATERIAL SHEET STEEL DOOR ALL-ROUND FOAMED-IN PU SEAL SURFACE FINISH AND . Series production of the very first standard enclosure, AE , begins. Suitable for all-round mounting on the sides, base and roof areas. Width: 2– 60 height: 3– 400.

Personal advice from our . Männer militnken ae Zimt-bg. Porter Popplwell Rennil Rennison Richards H.