Scotchlok 314

Used to electrically connect two or three wire ends and insulate the connection. It is used to electrically connect two or three solid or stranded copper . The connector is nylon insulated and used to . No more stripping each wire, using up to three heat shrink butt connectors, and using . AWG Solid or strande tinned or untinned.

For use with common thermoplastic insulated wires: T, TF, TFF,. Geléfyll vattenavstötande, för kablar upp till diameter mm, till 6V, RoHS-kompatibla och UL testad. Scotchlok 3quick splice connector . SCOTCHLOK 3from 3M at Allied Electronics.

Kopplingsklämma med tätande gel som skapar ett fukttåligt skydd. Additional Info Click to Download. This Self-Stripping, Moisture .

Terminal or shunt IDC connector for cables of 0. Check the gel oozes out of the connector slots. Test to ensure cables are firmly held within the connector. No stripping or twisting , no special tools required. Full wire range capability.

Increased port size that . Snabba leveranser, nöjda kunder. Insulation Displacement Connectors Splice-Butt- 3M- 314. Grease filled and flame retardant, this connector protects against corrosion in damp conditions. U-Kontakt Verbinder für die dauerhafte Verbindung ein- und mehrdrähtige Leiter in der Installations-, Steuer-, Mess- und Regeltechnik sowie in der KFZ-Elektrik.

Technische Spezifikationen. Kabelverbinder mit Fettfüllung, für einfache Kabel-Reparatur oder . Lt a Taiwan based OEM_ODM manufacturer. SUPERIOR corrosion protection!

For simple repairs, connections, extensions, reductions, etc.