Semi modular synth

There are other options however, the Semi Modular is one. Pure analogue sound with more than patch points, knobs, thousands of combinations . A powerful and deep electronic musical instrument. Explore, patch, tweak, enjoy and . Plankton Elektronics has announced that its ANTS! They are pre-patched like a .

Hoppa till Semi ‑modulars – Just to confuse matters further, there are now very respected semi ‑ modular analogue synths like the Macbeth Mand . Is an affordable and compact semi – modular synthesizer. The hottest hardware synths making modular analogue synthesis accessible. DREADBOX MURMUX SEMI – MODULAR , new analogue mono synths.

No filter and yet with great sound . The Pittsburgh Modular System 10. This monophonic semi – modular synth sports Pulse and Sawtooth oscillator . Rack mountable semi – modular ,.

Click Image for full details and ordering. Semi – modular synthesizers to extend your modular system. Synthesizers (semi-modular).

As the Dark Energy (I) had to be discontinued . Tabletop Eurorack format semi – modular synthesizer that adds raw analog soun sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular . VC controlled 32-step sequencer with sequence- . While the 0-COAST utilizes classic modular synthesis techniques, we designed it to operate with or without the use of patch cables. The necessary connections . Small, but very powerful and . Nobody has more new and used music instruments and. The Moog Mother-is the first tabletop semi – modular synthesizer from Moog. Available now in the Packs . Patchable modular synths are more complex to operate but give you infinite.

In stock now for same day shipping. Semi – Modular – A synthesizer where functions are logically separated and . BUNDLES get you everything for one low price.