Silicone cable

These silicone rubber sheathed cable can be installed where temperature ranges are widely variable. Like other cables in the range it performs extremely well . Silicone cables are halogen-free. Futhermore, it is the only material on silicium basis treated by us with which the maintenance of function in case of fire can be . Heat-resistant cables from HELUKABEL.

PLASTELEC makes and markets ranges of insulated silicone cables and wires. It also has special expertise in the production of its own silicone compounds. Using its extensive in-house compounding . SIHF high temperature silicone cable.

Conductors: Flexible tinned annealed copper. SID Solid single core silicone high temperature cable to 1degrees C. Standard single core cable with flexible copper conductor. Oxygen free tinned copper conductors provide excellent corrosion.

Ideally suited to high or low temperature . Browse our latest Mains Power Cable offers. Overview and Selection Page for Heat Resistant Siclicone Cables , Halogen free, Flexible, Multi and Single conductor from Hi-Tech Controls and European. Ideal for use in high (and low) temperatures where flexibility is required.

This range of product is also Halogen Free. Type SiF – Tinned copper conductors, silicone core insulation. Part Number ▴, Number Of Cond. The silicone cable achieves thermal class H (1°C). It offers excellent dielectric . SILICONE RUBBER AS CABLE INSULATION by.

For applications that reach maximum working temperatures of 120°C (read on the external sheath) we supply cable heating elements available in several . Flexible cables medical, electronic, electrical, mechanical, robotic. Short lead time, competitive prices. Our cables have been independently tested and are rated at . Design your own flat cables right now, and receive an instant drawing and price. Millions of possible variations, and your custom cable is shipped 1-weeks .