Light guide plate

PMMA is extremely transparent, highly weather resistant, and . Just apply UV Dot film on any plain acrylic, polycarbonate or clear surface Voila. Customized optical pattern design on the LGP per different plate size. A structure of dots (printed) or lines . Light Guide Plate Provide the total solution of LGP module for Edge-Lit fixture application.

Optimized pattern design of light – guide plate (LGP).

Department of Optometry, Eulji University,. With the growing demand for LED TVs, the usage of light guide plates is also . Large-area and thin light guide plates fabricated using UV-based imprinting. Polarized light – guide plate for liquid crystal display. A novel polarized light – guide plate (LGP) for.

Edge lit type bac for thin LCD TV plate (LGP) and p. Sub diffusers and br angular illuminan. Taipei 23 Taiwan, galane. We propose curved V-groove-based patterns for light guide plates (LGPs) and demonstrate their performance by calculating their uniformity .

Its top and bottom surfaces have micro-pr. We analyze the polarization-preserving property of two conventional edge-lit light guide plates (LGPs) based on scattering dots and refractive microgrooves. This machine was developed to form an ultra-accurate, thin-walled large light guide plate for installation into large-screen LCD TVs and lighting equipment.

Cite this paper as: Cheng PJ. Small-sized light guide plate. A conventional LCD backlight system is composed of light sources, a light guide plate (LGP) and optical sheets such as reflection sheet, . Kuraray applied proprietary mastering technology to the creation of these light guide plates , forming intricate micron-level patterns into highly . The first adhesive agent and the second adhesive agent may be formed of different . Since the heat dissipating member is received inside the housing and cannot absorb the expanding and shrinking change of the light guide plate , thus, the light . Due to its intrinsic rigidity and dimensional stability, it outperforms the incumbent . For edge lighting, a light – guide plate is needed as shown in Figure 15.

The light produced by the edge light is coupled into the light – guide plate. Due to the rapid development of the edge-lighting light – guide plates , which are the key parts used in edge-lighting LED backlight modules for . The light guide plate (LGP) printing process is used to obtain the optimal optical brightness, which requires the optimization of the LGP printing . Light guide in various shapes and applications with our original prism patterns.