In order to consider it microfluidics , at least one dimension of the channel must be in. In fact, microfluidics refers both . Microfluidics deal with the flow of liquids inside micrometer-sized channels. It is not generally possible to scale conventional devices down . Your one-stop shop for: complete microfluidic systems, microfluidic chips, pumps, connectors, sensors, tubing, custom-made products and microfluidic.

Fluigent is the standard in microfluidic flow control, developing microfluidic solutions to make your microfluidics easy with our pressure driven flow controller.

We are your partner in microfluidics. A new MIT-designed open-source website might well be the Pinterest of microfluidics. Important applications include simulations of lab-on-a-chip devices, . How to incorporate external components in the. Makerspaces could enable widespread adoption of microfluidics. Micronit provides innovative Lab-on-a-Chip and MEMS solutions.

Solutions that help our customers improve their products and research, contributing to quality . Coupling microfluidics devices directly to mass spectrometry instrumentation can speed sample preparation and reduce handling errors.

Precise and effective control of droplet generation is critical for applications of droplet microfluidics ranging from materials synthesis to lab-on-a-chip systems. A vacuum manifold enables rapid loading of complex microfluidic devices, such as those that might be used for high-throughput assays. Microfluidics deals with miniaturized fluid handling devices – networks of small channels where at least one dimension typically is in the range of . Due to its remarkable advantages, droplet microfluidics bears significant value in an extremely wide range of area. In this review, we provide a . Product Overview MicroFluidics. Custom Devices with Engineered microfluidic components.

Apply today to reserve your spot. Digital microfluidics is an advanced fluid-handling technology that precisely manipulates nanoliter-sized droplets to perform complex laboratory protocols. University of California, Berkeley. The science concerned with the design and construction of microminiaturized devices containing chambers and tunnels through . The behavior of confined fluids differs from macroscopic systems and allows precise . A campus-wide resource for fabricating microfluidic devices.

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